[NO NEW UPDATES] Expedition Dispatches: Meru Shark's Fin

[NO NEW UPDATES] Expedition Dispatches: Meru Shark's Fin

Journey to the center of the universe!
September 5 - October 12, 2008. Jimmy Chin, Renan Ozturk, and Conrad Anker journey to the headwaters of the Ganges, on their attempt to scale the unclimbed central pillar of Mount Meru (6310 meters). Their objective is to climb the 1300 meter high altitude wall of the Shark's Fin in big wall capsule style.

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Top Photo Credit: John Siceloff. www.pbs.com/now

Mountain Film Award

Award Samsara wins the Charlie Fowler Award
Charlie was a mainstay of Mountainfilm for many years, and while we miss him terribly, we find some comfort in knowing his presence is with us for this award. The judges will try their best to discern which mountaineering or climbing film Charlie would have liked most.

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"Samsara" World Premier

Meru-for-web Samsara, a rock monkey art production will see its first screening to the public on Friday May 22 at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival In addition "Center of the Universe" (above) 60'' x 40'' mixed media on canvas, original art from the expedition will be showing at the festival.

"Samsara" Film Festival Piece Coming Soon!

Meru Shark's Fin Video #15

The Descent

Meru Shark's Fin Video #14

The Summit Push

Meru Shark's Fin Video #13

The Big-Wall

Meru Shark's Fin Video #12

Porta-Ledge Life

Meru Shark's Fin Video #11

Out of the Trenches (and to the base of the rock wall...)

Meru Shark's fin Video #10


Meru-Shark's Fin Video #9

Base-Camp Life

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