[NO NEW UPDATES] Expedition Dispatches: Makalu Winter Expedition

Summit, Summit, Summit!

After 29 years of attempts and dreams, finally the last 8000 peaks of Himalaya that was still unclimbed in the winter season, ad been climbed….

Approaching the real makalu summit

It was 1:53 pm of the 9th February 2009 when Denis and I reached the 8485 meters of the top. We had -40° C temperature and 100 km/h wind….. The condition were terrible but we were so happy and proud to achieve that results. “Never Stop Exploring” is the motto of the Company, but never stop dreaming and work to realize also the “impossible” adventures had been always my personal motto. Many other “impossible” exploration are waiting someone who will attempt and realize them. I will be one of those who will try again o push the limits further more…

Simone Moro

Simone on real makalu summit

Simone frozen mask

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