[NO NEW UPDATES] Endurance Running

[NO NEW UPDATES] Endurance Running

Catching Up with Dean: The Ultramarathon Man breaks his stride to share thoughts from life on the run.

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Rest is good

Don't forget to rest, particulary when you're training is intense. You need to let your body recover to a stronger level than it was before and then increase. If you're feeling fried, relax, and take a day off. The mental and physical break will bring you back stronger for your next workout.

I hope this inspires all of you!

Hey there, 
I was listening to NPR on the way home the other night and it was The World from the BBC, which is the British news, and guess who they featured--Diane Van Deren, my ultra friend!  It was crazy.  They did a multi-part interview and feature of her.  It was a really well-done piece.  Just thought you'd be interested.  Read all about Diane's story! 

All the best,

Any advice after my drastic close at the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run?

Thanks for the condolences. You all are so thoughtful; thank you. Three cracked ribs later, and lots of great memories, I’m still smiling merrily. Tried to keep running for a couple days after my fall at the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run, but the pain finally overtook me. Oh well, guess even a seasoned ultramarathoner can’t overcome all adversity :-)

No need to slow down though. Maybe I’ll consider more comprehensive healthcare coverage next year, that’s all. The hospital bills could add up (hee! hee!)

Talk to you soon,


Choosing my clothing and shoes for a race

Choosing the right clothing and footwear is an integral part of successfully completing Badwater, the upcoming Endurance Challenge in Washington, D.C. or any race where intense sun is going to be a constant factor. The need for comfort and breathablility needs to be balanced with the need for UV protection. Although I coat myself with sunblock, I still look for clothing that provides at least SPF 15. With footwear, it’s critical that the sizing and fit be perfect. If you start with a shoe that has even the slightest rub, it can be exacerbated over the miles into multi-dimensional blistering (isn’t that a pretty picture). I prefer a shoe with liberal forefoot spacing, like the new Sentinel Boa, coming in Spring 2010.
- Dean Karnazes

My secret recipe for a fast recovery

I’m a firm believer in ice baths. So following any race in high temperatures, fill your tub with water and ice. Then, immerse your lower torso in the frozen slurry. How long do you soak for?  I always tell people, “stay in until your voice goes up a few octaves.” (more laughter)
- Dean Karnazes

Team Dean...Naked in the Desert

This year’s Badwater will remain etched in my mind. Let’s just say there are good years, and there are bad years; this wasn’t a good year. As far a performance goes, I didn’t have a very good race. In fact, it was my slowest finish ever. Some fairly serious personal matters arose in my family the week of the race, so my head just wasn’t 100% in the game this year.

Badwater commands total focus, no matter how many times you’ve completed the race in the past, and I suffered greatly out there this time. At mile 90, I wanted to quit. My crew was tremendously supportive however, and they remained committed to getting me to the finish line. I was chafing and blistering badly (see posting on 8/20; laughter), so I did something unprecedented: I stripped naked to my shoes and socks. One of my crew courageously volunteered to do the same (name withheld to protect the innocent). We ran naked through the desert for a stretch and it provided a great bit of levity that got us through it.
- Dean Karnazes

My favorite tricks for staying cool

When I know there’s still a long road ahead and many miles to go, I carry a plant-mister and fill it with ice water. I spray myself as I run. If the ice inside melts, when you go to spray yourself you see the water being emitted, but it literally evaporates before reaching you, even though you’re holding it just a few feet away!
- Dean Karnazes

Who says you can avoid blisters and chafing?

You take all of the precautionary measures - such as good wicking socks, ample application of Body Glide (in places the sun don’t shine), well ventilated technical clothing, etc… - but when the heat is extreme, sometimes nothing works and you just push through the pain and discomfort to the best of your ability (more laughter).
- Dean Karnazes

Training & Survival Strategy for Badwater

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we don’t get a lot of heat, so I have to really customize the way I train and prepare. This includes regular sessions of Bikram Yoga and frequenting the local health club sauna, where I do sets of push-ups and sit-ups inside. I also go for training runs in the middle of the day wearing my North Face puffy down jacket and Apex pants. Sure, you get a lot of strange looks (rightly so), but it’s what you have to do to survive a place like Badwater.
 - Dean Karnazes

My Motivation in F130+ Degrees

In mid-July I completed my 8th Badwater Ultramarathon through Death Valley. Sure, it’s hot, but it’s a dry heat (laughter). My ultimate goal is to complete both the Badwater Ultramarathon and the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run ten times apiece, a feat that has never been accomplished before (probably for good reason). I’ve already finished Western States 10+ times, so a couple more Badwater’s is all that’s left.
- Dean Karnazes

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